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Meridian Technologies markets its own Networking and Security Solution ENPAQ. The ENPAQ Unified Gateway is a powerful , flexible and secure networking solution for an enterprise to connect secure and manage all its locations. ENPAQ is a robust software solution and replaces most of the hardware for this purpose. It comes with various add on modules to provide excellent value to the user.

The company also sells software license for Database, Application, Operating System, Office , Server, Exchange etc.

Your IT and network requirements are not the same as everyone else’s. At Meridian, we have created solutions for different verticals which are then tailored to meet your specific requirements. With our highly qualified technical team, we can quickly create the perfect solution for your network and IT needs.

By working with some of the top companies in each domain, we have developed deep insights into the network and IT infrastructure needs of each vertical. We also know that IT and networking are tools for you to improve your business. At Meridian, we don’t just give you a firewall or a few IT tools, we give you a solution that takes care of all your IT and networking needs across all your locations.

With these insights, we have picked a key set of functions that are indispensable, and add-ons which provide maximum value, for each vertical. We then architect the solution to give you a manageable IT infrastructure, and highly available network, at the lowest cost of ownership.

The Meridian solution brings you many advantages:

  • Zero hardware cost Networking
  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Flexible, reliable, WAN Agnostic connectivity
  • Secure Networking (Includes WiFi)
  • Enterprise-wide Manageability

Check out the Meridian solutions for your vertical, and talk to our team today — help us give you the best network and IT you can get.

  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Education

Do you run a distributed Financial Network? As Banks,Stockbrokers,and Insurance company, our solution is the best way to get manageable IT at your branches!

Get manageability across all your branches, the highest network availability, integration with your financial application, choice of connectivity, security, all at an unbeatable RoI — Meridian offers you what no other vendors can.

Branch IT issues giving you nightmares? Our solution is designed for manageability – just ask our customers who have rolled our solution out across hundreds of their branches with no downtime, and immediate improvement in branch security, manageability, and network availability. With the ENPAQ, all your administration can be done remotely, with site-visits required only for hardware problems.

Your users need 100% uptime during working hours, whether your branch is in Abuja or Kano. The ENPAQ Unified Gateway, with the ENPAQ Enterprise VPN Concentrator at your data-center, can do failover

  • From VSAT to VPN over broadband,
  • From Leased-line to ISDN to VPN over broadband,
  • From Broadband from one provider to a different provider,
  • And as a last resort, from any WAN connection to even a USB wireless modem

The secondary link can be activated on link failure, partial packet loss, or even high latency, with both failure detection and switchover complete in just one minute.

Is managing your branch financial application a pain? With the Virtualization option, the branch ENPAQ can host your financial application on the same PC/server bringing you two advantages. First you can save money on a separate system for the financial application, second we can monitor and even manage the finacial application, giving you a much better handle on your network.

Viruses and Worms eating the IT budget at your branches? With the ENPAQ your branches will become secure. The ENPAQ lets you do Web content filtering, with Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, and Anti-Spyware. You can also segment your LAN into normal and DMZ, preventing viruses from spreading between the segments.

If you have branches all over the place and with different ISPs in each area, don’t worry, the ENPAQ is connection agnostic. Just take an Internet connection from any local or national provider, and we’ll help you hook the branch up, securely, and reliably. MPLS, VSAT, ADSL, V.35 Leased-line, Cable modem, VSAT, WiMax, RF, or even CDMA USB Modem, the ENPAQ treats all of them the same, letting you have a uniform branch network and simplifying your deployment.

As a financial company, you know better than most people the value of time and money. At Meridian, we have created the ENPAQ to save both on the money you spend on deployment, and the time you spend managing your network. There is no solution that gives you a better RoI than Meridian’s.

Contact our team to find out how you can upgrade your IT, and save money at the same time!

Retailers like Tantalizers Plc have used Meridian’s hassle-free, highly manageable, high RoI networked IT solutions to add to their benefits, while removing the pain.

In your retail business, networked IT can bring you great benefits, it can also give you big headaches.

At Meridian, we help you deliver hassle-free networked IT across all your stores, warehouses, and regional offices, with minimum upfront investment and the lowest IT and support costs. We have extensive experience architecting and running retail networks. We know the problems that retail networks face — manpower, ISPs, distance, security, cost. Meridian’s Retail Solution is designed to tackle these problems head on.


You need to reduce your site-visits to drive down support costs. The ENPAQ has a great set of remote manageability features tailored to give you complete remote access of your store PCs, and complete control of network usage at the branch. You can even use the ENPAQ to schedule batch jobs, or to backup data from the stores making your IT even more robust.


Dealing with ISP downtime is tough. The ENPAQ can use broadband or even a 3G or CDMA modem as a backup connection. Allow only your ERP software to connect on the backup link, letting your stores communicate even if your primary link is down. With a built-in VPN client, there’s no need to go for expensive MPLS at your stores – broadband will do the job just as well.


If your stores are exposed to the Internet, you definitely need protection. The ENPAQ has a gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, and Anti-Spyware, to reduce the threat of infections on your PCs. The ENPAQ can also be configured to allow network access only according to your Internet usage policy – preventing your store or branch users from mis-using the Internet.


Is your retail application suffering because of email or browsing traffic? The ENPAQ will give your important traffic higher priority, letting your transactions happen faster.

Return OnInvesment

You can’t afford to spend a lot of money at every store. Our Retail solution comes with zero hardware cost at the branches – simply load the ENPAQ on to an existing PC! The Meridian solution delivers great value at a high RoI.

If you need a manageable, secure, and efficient network, you need Meridian’s retail solution! Contact our team to find out how we can make your store network more manageable, secure, and efficient.

Many leading Colleges and Universities in India are using the ENPAQ Unified Gateway today to manage their network performance and security.

The Internet holds a huge amount of value to Educational institutions and students, but brings with it a host of viruses, and other security problems. Meridian’s solutions for Education helps you secure your network, while giving you a more advanced and manageable IT infrastructure.

Educational institutions have to face security threats both from the Internet, and from smart and talented students who want to test the security. The best way to secure your internal resources is to use the ENPAQ as your gateway, with managed switches, and segregated LANs for administrative and academic networks. The ENPAQ firewall can be used to allow only the appropriate connections between segregated networks, while logging other unauthorized access. Using the IDS, you can get reports of which users are launching active attacks in the network and take appropriate action against them.

With gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, and Anti-Spyware running on the ENPAQ, you can rest assured that all traffic going to the Internet is scanned and logged for future reference. The built-in content filtering can be used to prevent users from accessing inappropriate websites. You can also block P2P traffic which usually chokes your network. Viruses which spread through your local networks can be quickly identified and cleaned-up.

Do you want to make your network and labs highly manageable? The built-in Windows PDC can be used to push system policies at the individual desktop level – to prevent USB disks for example. The IT Inventory Management can keep account of all your software and hardware assets, making it simple to do audits – while the alerting quickly notifies you if there is any change in hardware or if illegal software is installed. Running the lab systems as thin-clients will dramatically reduce the incidence of viruses, and corruption – just use the ENPAQ as a Thin-client server! All these services can be provisioned on the ENPAQ for very little cost!

Do you want to provide Wifi Internet access across your campus? The ENPAQ Wifi Hotspot can help you provision secure, metered Internet access to your students in their hostels and everywhere else on campus. With the included billing functionality, you can monitor the usage of each of your students and bill them for any excess usage.

If you want a manageable, secure, and stable network, Contact our team to find out how our Education solution is right for you!